Who am I and what can I do for you.

Lex Roessingh van Iterson operates ProMemorie Consultancy since 1989.

If you need assistance in preparing you annual accounts, contact me.
I can communicate with Banks, Tax authorities or other institutions on your behalf. Or act as professional sounding board for financial, fiscal and entrepreneurial matters. I will gladly offer sound advice. Furthermore I offer financial and administrative services for wealthy individuals and help them organize the assets and all paperwork around it.

Because I am in business since decades, I am well connected with reputable accountants and tax lawyers. If I cannot prepare your accounts myself I will arrange for this via my network. All of course in close contact with you so that you will know exactly who is doing what and on what terms and conditions.

I work on a personal basis, and have a result oriented approach.
The values are reliability, honesty and integrity. I gladly work with you to a consitant and long term relationship.

My head office now is located in Apeldoorn, but I can also receive you in my office space in the center of Amsterdam, or of course visit you on your location.


Lex is a great help who pays attention to detail at all time. Focused and very easy to deal with. Totally honest in all matters.
Eugene Bari Commercial Director
Promemorie verzorgt al jarenlang mijn belastingaangifte. En naar volle tevredenheid. Lex weet er door zijn kennis, inzet en hulpvaardigheid zelfs een plezierige aangelegenheid van te maken.
Ruud Hiel Ondernemer
Ik geef Lex al járen de verantwoordelijkheid over mijn belasting. Ongeordend neemt hij zowel mijn doosje facturen als de digitale bankaccounts in ontvangst, om er vervolgens een mooie aangifte van te maken. Wat wil je nu nog meer als zelfstandig ondernemer in de GGZ met een toenemende gekmakende administratie?!
Marianne van Hoeve Ondernemer



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